Cluj-Napoca the running capital of Transylvania is the proud host of the most vibrant running race in the region: Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon organized by Runners Club and Cluj-Napoca Municipality. The city has literally a runner’s heart for it hosts more than 7 city running events and this year more than 7000 runners finished the major international race.


During the race

Running the Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon allows you to enjoy the historical buildings in the city Centre, to breathe in the fresh air from the Central Park and to have a multicultural experience since the city is known for its multi-ethnic community: Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and Serbs.  It is mostly probable that you will hear these languages around you and you will be charmed by the friendliness and youngness around.


Before and after the race

Cluj-Napoca, the heart of Transylvania is an academic and cultural center. More than 11 universities are spread across the city, enrolling more than 100000 students. That is why, Cluj-Napoca is rather demographically unique: a quarter of its inhabitants is formed by young people.

That is why trendy and cool coffee-shops, bars and pubs are luring tourists with good vibes, nice music and tasty snacks. The city is active from late-afternoon until dawn. The Latin spirit can be sensed during Romanians parties and hang-outs.

The international community is also very present in the cultural life of Cluj-Napoca. The Hungarian, French, German, Dutch, British and Italian cultural and business centers organize a wealthy palette of events.


Points of Interest in Cluj-Napoca

  • The city panorama seen from the Fortress Hill (Dealul Cetățuia) near Belvedere Hotel.
  • The Old City Walls of Cluj-Napoca (former roman castrum Apulum Napocensis).
  • The Botanical Garden and the Outdoor Traditional Village Museum.
  • Museums: The Art Museum, the Museum of Pharmacy, The Vivarium, The Ethnographic Museum.
  • The Unirii square and St. Michael’s Church.
  • Avram Iancu square with the Orthodox Cathedral and the National Theatre.
  • The street with mirrored buildings
  • The steam punk bars
  • The new outdoor fitness grounds
  • The old casino building and the Central Park


Activities Around Cluj-Napoca

  • Visiting Turda salt mines
  • Hiking in the Turda Gorges (Cheile Turzii)
  • Faget forest with trail running and MTB tracks
  • Golf courses
  • Adventure parks
  • Horse riding tours
  • SPA & Wellness Centers

Book your stay before and after the races and you will discover a new side of Cluj-Napoca and Transylvania.


How to get to Cluj-Napoca?

  • By direct flight from the main capitals and cities of Europe.
  • By car on the main European Roads. (E60)
  • By train (international and national)
  • By bus (from most European cities)


Where to stay?

  • The usual booking platforms indicate the best hotels and guest houses.
  • There are also nice villas and apartments for rent.