Silvia Pop: If there’s a will, there’s a way!

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The 8th edition of the Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca International Marathon brings forth all those who constantly overcome their own limits through personal effort, dedication and training. It is about those living legends who literally walk among us, motivate us and encourage by their own example! Today we unveil Silvia Pop’s inspiring story.

All of us who met Silvia during the competitions, on the running tracks and outside them, we have discovered an amazing personality, a young spirit and a particular elegance! Seven international marathons (Dublin, Dusseldorf, Valencia, Sevilla, Munich, Vancouver, Bucharest), 15 half-marathons and may cross races turn Silvia, aged 56, in a living example of perseverance and motivation!

As a trainer in banking, after decades of a car-office-car pattern, Silvia started to constantly run at 49, when, inspired by her colleagues – Andrei Roșu and Stanislav Georgiev, she decided to make herself tho most beautiful 50 years anniversary: her first half-marathon! And she did!

On Friendship and Runners Club Family

“My first marathon was the Dublin Marathon in 2014. I got there with a friend – Luci Herta – whom I have met at Runners Club, and we took this decision at the club’s New Year Eve Party. If it wasn’t for her, I would have probably ran many more half-marathons until my first marathon! “ – declares Silvia with her typical joy. She joined Runners Club in 2013, when she moved to Cluj-Napoca and she has attracted more than 50 people, inluding her own daughters, in the running movement and club! I truly enjoyed the concept of „running for the sheer pleasure of it” and the friendly way of being of the members here. I used to be a member of another running club in Bucharest, and I really could make the difference between the two approaches. At Cluj I feel like being part of a family and I wish to bring in more people.”

The Energy of the Cluj-Napoca Marathon is Simply Captivating!

My first time at the Cluj-Napoca International Marathon (currently Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca International Marathon) was in 2013 – in a relay running team. I have ran before individual races, therefore I was full of emotions: will I run it well, will I help my team? It was simply amazing, for I have learned what means sharing joy with your team. Since then, I use to make each year part of a relay team, with colleagues and friends, aiming to encourage runners who did not attend such a huge event before. Once you feel the energy of the Cluj-Napoca International Marathon, you want to return next year… and you therefore continue running! “ This was, in short, Silvia’s first Cluj-Napoca Marathon story. Sounds familiar?

Silvia Pop’s Message for Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca International Marathon 2018 Runners

“Certainly we are surrounded by many people who want the best for us: family, friends, colleagues, doctors. Almost all these people tell us that longdistance running is not good for the joints, that it is non sense to run for hours without a prize, that you may catch a cold if you run under rain or at -10 degrees. Nevertheless, the person who knows better who you are and what you can achieve is YOU. If YOU decide that you want to run and you do it in a smart way, it will definetely do you good!

My motto is „If there’s a will, there’s a way!”

Thank you Silvia for inspiring us and making us feel good in the Runners Club Cluj-Napoca family! We are cheerleading for you and see you at the START!


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