My First 10K

You love sports and would like to run a 10 km? Runners Club has the right solution for you: run your first 10 km at the GARMIN 10 km, or during the marathon relay – Zuzu relay (4 x 10.5 km), from the anniversary edition Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2020!

RUNNERS CLUB trains you for FREE for your first 10 km at Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon! We believe that you too you can be one of the legends here in Cluj-Napoca, at the anniversary edition!

The rpogram is deployed during February 2020 – March 2020 and adresses all those whi can train here in Cluj-Napoca.

What you need to do?

  • Register at the GARMIN 10km or at the Zuzu Relay.
  • Fill in the form for  “My First 1oK” program.


Deadline: 6 FEBRUARY 2020

Bonne chance and speak to you after the selection.

Saturday 8 february, is the first meeting.