MIHAI SILVĂȘAN: A Winner’s Mindset

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Mihai Silvășan, professional basketball player, currently the Head Coach of the senior basketball team U-BT Cluj-Napoca (Universitatea Banca Transilvania Cluj-Napoca) is a good example of an athlete dedicated to team performance. For Cluj-Napoca, the former Captain of both the National Basketball Team and of the local U-BT Cluj-Napoca team is a living legend and we are delighted to have him as ambassador of the 9th Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon!

After a brilliant junior basketball games series, the visible progression of the young athlete propelled him towards the Cluj Senior Basketball team in  the 2001/2002 season. Having an impressive focus during the game, the extreme player had his debut in the National League during the 2008/2009 season, quickly evolving as the captain of the National team. Mihai Silvășan’s bio includes a series of National Cups won both as a player and as a Coach. All the above stand proof for his dedication for the team and for basketball.

A Winner’s Mindset Developed Through Sports

Mihai Silvășan, discovered basketball around the age of 11, as a competitive sport who stole his heart. He spent his junior basketball time at CSS Viitorul under the guidance of professor Voicu Moldovan – his mentor, whom he praises for his activity.

Mr. Voicu Moldovan shaped the mentality that I have now. This mentality helped me a great deal in my career and I am so thankfull for it. ” – states Mihai Silvășan during the special interview for Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon team. 

Even he had to retire soon due to injuries needing surgery,  Mihai Silvășan (34 years) followed his passion as a coach, a role that fits him pretty well, as the ever improving results of the basketball team show it: “The satisfaction you get as a coach are different, but the joy is the same! The trust built between players and their coach gives results and we hope to raise at the level of expectations! ” – shares Mihai Silvășan with much optimism and joy.

Leading an Athlete Life is a Choice.

Once you have chosen the life of an athlete, it becomes a part of you.  Sports is something well rooted in the daily routine: “I run for the sheer pleasure of it! I am alone with my thoughts and I clear my mind. I enjoy playing tennis. And, naturally, I still play basketball with my friends, now and then.” – states Mihai and continues: “In my case sports life and personal life are one.  If you are in professional sports it is obvious that they are superposed!… If you want to adopt this life style it may be complicated, but I am lucky to have a wife that supports me. We also depend a lot of the competition season and it affects our lives a lot!”

In Mihai Silvășan’s opinion, integrating sports in daily life is a priority: “ After leaving the basketball game field, I have continued to integrate sport as a coach. Naturally, I also practice sports for my own health and fitness: tennis, basketball, running. It is not easy, especially when coaching takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, I strive to put it on my priority list.

About the Development of the New Porfessional Athletes Generation

From hiw own experience, as an athlete and coach, Mihai Silvășan thinks that two pillars are essential for developing new generations of professional athletes:

#1. Infrastructure – which, visibly, has major lacks in Romania. 

#2. The quality of the People – who deal with sports and athletes. Kids must be guided. You need to make them like sports and return to training.

About Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2019, coach Silvășan declares: „Any sport related event deserves to be promoted. Those running for fun at the event are an example for the young generation. The marathon is an argument for sport and deserves to be promoted.”

Mihai Silvășan’s Message for Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2019 Runners

“Congratulations for PARTICIPATING! Good luck in the races! At such events it is not essential to win. It is important for your self esteem and own health to PARTICIPATE.  It os not about the time, it is about finishing a nice race.

Cluj is a community that is constantly developing on more areas and it is fantastic to have such a big event in Cluj-Napoca. Congratulations Runners Club!”


Thank you Mihai for your example and your constant efforts to grow the iconic team of our city.  Thank you for your support and see you at the START of the races in Cluj-Napoca!


Autor: Diana Ciorba