MARIUS IONESCU: Discipline and Dedication

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Marius Ionescu is the only Romanian who has ever ran three marathons under 2 hours and 14 minutes:2:13:33, in 2013, Hamburg, 2:13:19, in 2015, in Dusseldorf, and 2.13.00, also in Dusseldorf, in 2016! For us, Marius Ionescu is a living legend and we are extremely happy to welcome him at the 9th edition of Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon!

After winning the European Gold medal for the 10.000 m Juniors Championships in 2003, followed shortly by the European Bronze medal for the 10.000 m Youth Under 23 Championships and Gold medal for the  5000 m European Cup in Milano 2007, Marius Ionescu became the first Romanian male marathon athlete who attended the Olympic Games after Romania’s 48 years of absence from this competition. Thus, Marius Ionescu added to his bio the 26th rank at the marathon race during  London Olympic Games 2012 and the 37th rank at the marathon race during the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games 2016.   

Athletics: A Lifetime Passion.

Though he started running around the age of 11,  in order to have a better physical condition for football (!), Marius Viorel Ionescu was impressed by his trainer and the group’s atmosphere so he stayed in the athletics club. His fascination about what an athlete can achieve during competitions, at different disciplines, made him persevere and constantly surpass his own limits, since an early age.

“I love to follow all athletics races, but the marathon has its own place, in the top!” – declares Marius Ionescu during the special interview for Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon. 

Aged 34, Marius Ionescu is an example of enthusiasm, dedication and organization: “The life of an athlete means discipline and dedication. While you are young and you do not have your own family, it comes easily. But, after having your own family, you have to be very careful on how you prioritize things. I am so lucky with my wife who continuously encourages me to do sports at the highest level.” – says Marius with joyfulness.

Life Decisions and Examples to Follow.

Since many of us may ask how does an Olympic level athlete combine high-level sports with personal life, Marius Ionescu answers in an authentic and firm manner: “When I decided to be a professional athlete I have automatically renounced many activities which are not compatible with sports. No matter the turns that my life may have, sports – running will always be a part of it, and those who are close to me understand and accept it.”

Consequently, personal decisions and own example are the foundation of a life model that we want to promote.  From the perspective of our responsibility towards the development of a new generation of athletes, Marius Ionescu emphasizes: “We must understand that each parent is an example for their child, and only afterwards we must consider to create the environment and conditions necessary for high-level performances.”

Marius Ionescu’s message for Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2019 runners:

“Have fun and good luck with overcoming personal limits!” – it is an impactful message, for joy should be a part of running and we overcome our own limits in order to learn  more about ourselves.

Thank you Marius for being such a huge source of inspiration for thousands of Romanians and dedicated athletes.  You constantly prove us  that everything is possible when you are dedicated and committed to self-discipline. We can’t wait to see you at the training session in Cluj-Napoca!


Author: Diana Ciorba