EMIL BOC: Through Sports Towards A Healthy Community.

Emil Boc, the Mayor of Cluj-Napoca is also a true fan of recreational sports. An occasional runner himself at the mass sporting events held in the city under the hills of Feleac, Emil Boc has always been close to the local and national sport, often attending sport events in Cluj-Napoca and not only, sometimes as a participant, sometimes as a supporter. That is why, we are happy to have him close to the runners and public at the 10th edition of the international marathon from Cluj-Napoca!

His affinity for sport is also reflected in his vision on the city’s development through its sport dimension. The investments in sports infrastructure, the local budget allowances for sport clubs and the constant support for all sports events have built awareness around Cluj-Napoca community as one that respects and practices sport, and have attracted the city’s recognition as one of the European Cities of Sports.

Sport has no age!

Despite a busy schedule, Emil Boc embraces and promotes physical activity. “I rather walk from home to the City Hall, each morning. Having a busy and dynamic schedule, I literally walk from one point to another, anytime I get the chance to do so. Occasionally, I run, I play football or I grab my tennis racket and play for a while.” – declares Mr. Boc with a natural positivity, during an interview with the organizers of the international marathon.

Integrating sports, namely running,  in our personal lives is essential. That is why, Mr. Emil Boc underlines with enthusiasm: “Sport has no age: you are never too young or too old for sport! – The proven positive impact of physical activity over the general state of health motivates me and my loved ones to include sport in our daily routine. Moreover, team sports reconnect us with our families and friends, providing us with joyful moments.

“Running is relaxing. I gladly attend any running event when time allows so. Those 5 or 6 kilometres are, in fact, a very good moment to contemplate and relax.”– he continues, recalling his individual runs and those during the city’s running events.

The International Marathon – Cluj-Napoca’s Sport Ambassador

As many members of our local community know it, Mr. Boc has been one of the active promoters of sporting events in our city. Talking about the cooperation between the municipality and the event organizers, he reveals us: “Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca International Marathon has won its place in the world’s elite running events – that is why I congratulate the organizers and the entire team for this effort, perseverance and results!! Cluj-Napoca’s Marathon has grown each year, both in terms of quality and in terms of participants, which proves that runners and supporters alike appreciate this event. It was a real pleasure to attend each time, as a supporter, or as a runner, especially for the energetical and optimistic atmosphere during the marathon.”

“The collaboration between the organizers and the authorities contribute to the safe and effective deployment of the event, for both the participants and the local community.  I assure you of the municipality’s support for the upcoming period, since we consider Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon as a real ambassador of sports for our city.”

While talking about the vibes at the start and during the races, Mr. Emil Boc show his appreciation and respect for everything that the international marathon means for the city:

 “It is fantastic to see together thousands of people that dedicate their time for this sort of events, and the result is a runners community that adheres, respects and promote a same set of values in society.  The positive feelings and the sense of respect during each race is visible from afar. Such sport events contribute to the improvement of our citizen’s lives, a goal which, as  a Municipality, we also pursue.”

Investments in Sport Infrastructure and Education Are Essential For The New Generations

According to Mr. Emil Boc, the preparation and education of the young athletes and sport people is essential for the development of our community.

Current generations are much more aware of the role that sport has in our daily lives and one can observe ever more young people doing sports during their free time. In Cluj-Napoca, people of all ages can be seen making some sort of recreational sport – either running and body toning on the outdoor fitness installations in public parks, either training in the dedicated sport centers in the city such as Gheorgheni Sport Center.

What we can do and already started doing, are investments in supporting mass sports. If in 2014 the local budget allowance for sport infrastructure was of RON 4,2 million, in 2020 it is of RON 11 million.  The Municipality continues investments in sport and recreational centers, such as  „La Terenuri” Sport Center in Mănăștur, but it also continues to develop green areas, where more and more runners can practice recreational sports. Talents should be able to manifest from an early age, in the school yard or near the flat-blocks.  

 Last, but not least, the support given to high profile sport events, where we bring on the home terrain, world known athletes, true role models, has a significant impact. Early education, is the best mechanism for new generations to acknowledge the importance of daily sports.”

Expectations From the 10th Anniversary Edition

“My expectations are growing, from year to year, along with our public’s expectations for quality and professionalism. It is important to consider all the local Cluj citizens who do not attend the International Marathon, in order to diminish any potential discomfort. As a runner, I wish that this massive enthusiasm generated by the thousands of runners and supporters takes over the entire community.

You have certainly proven by now to be able to raise the standard with each edition and I wish you a lot of success with the anniversary edition!!”

Mr. Emil Boc’s Message For Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2020 Runners

Welcome, again, in Cluj-Napoca! Let’s enjoy together, a best quality sporting event!


Thank you Mr. Boc for the energy and perseverance that you constantly prove in supporting sport in Cluj-Napoca. You constantly demonstrate that a correct articulation of objectives is as important in sport, as it is in our professional and personal lives.  We hope to rise to the level of all expectations and to see you with lots of energy at the start of the anniversary races!