Eat & Meet at Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon – Food that’s worth running for

Eat & Meet at Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon is the event where you get the chance to taste dishes from the international street food. Between 12-14 April the food trucks serving international specialties will be parked between the Stadium and the Polyvalent Hall (BT Arena), and the chefs are ready to impress you with live cooking and spectacular flavours.

Having worked together for three years in a row and the experience Why Not gained from the Street FOOD Festival, guarantee that each of the choices you make during the event will be a good one. Whether you already know what you want to eat, or you want to try something new, you don’t have to worry. Eat & Meet at Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon will gather the best street food in the country, cooked after international recipes. Meat-based dishes, vegetarian ones, sweets, fresh drinks, Indian, American, German or Spanish food, all of them can be enjoyed between 12-14 April.

This is our first event this year and we are all thrilled by the coming of spring and by the opportunity to meet the gourmets again. We have prepared a selection to please all tastes, so we are waiting for you to enjoy the sun, the music and the good food. Good luck to all the participants and „bon appetit” to all.” ( Andrei Ardelean – Project Manager Eat & Meet at Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon )