Dr. BOGDAN FLOREA: Life is Measured in The Good We Do to Others.

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Dr. Bogdan Florea, a neurologist in Cluj-Napoca, is one of the three discoverers of a new state of the brain in deep coma (2013),  side by side with professor Florin Amzica from Montreal University and Daniel Kroeger from Harvard University. As an initiator of the Telemedicine for Epilepsy Network in Romania – project supported by Lions Clubs in Romania, dr. Bogdan Florea joins the races of Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2019 in order to support this cause and to encourage the community to have a healthy lifestyle.   

Winner of TEDx 2017 Prize in Cluj-Napoca for the most impactful social project – TELEMEDICINE IN EPILEPSY,  Dr. Bogdan Florea, is an active father who strives, in spite of his demanding profession, to integrate sports and an active lifestyle among the habits of his children. Running – as the most accessible activity due to its natural movement and the minimum necessary equipment – was chosen as the best choice for promoting the cause he dedicated his recent years.

Running and the Motivation to Attend Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2019

According to dr. Bogdan Florea, a diagnostic for epilepsy  (in Romania) attracts a social stigmata that affects the people having this affection. More than 300.000 people in Romania and their families need our respect and support for a normal life.

To run at Wizz Air  Cluj-Napoca Marathon is not only a privilege but also a basic gesture for reaching two major objectives in 2019:

  the development for the telemedicine network by setting up two new Epilepsy and EEG Monitoring Centers in two completely new cities; These centers could ensure the access to an early diagnosis of the condition and a correct monitoring of the affected persons from two new geographical areas.

– the foundation of a National center for psychological support for the parents who discover this diagnostic and for the children and adolescents affected by epilepsy.”

shares with optimism dr. Bogdan Florea while bringing forth an essential detail:

“People affected by epilepsy can and should have a normal life. They must definitely avoid risky situations, but moderate sport is not prohibited. A doctor is a good one when his patient has no epilepsy crisis and leads a normal life. This involves sport too!”

About the Collaboration with Runners Club

We appreciate a lot his activity in the community and the fight for a better life quality of the people affected by epilepsy in Romania. The feeling is mutual since Bogdan stresses out during the exclusive interview for Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2019:

“I believe in Runners Club, I believe in the people there for they have built a life changing experience… They have created value because they impacted a core of people (almost 10.000!!) in the direction of being more calm, more tolerant, more healthy and more balanced. The people who at their turn will influence for the better and will multiply a state of general wellness in their own environment. Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon is just one of the events organized by Runners Club, and probably the best known at international level, which has become the flagship project for the city and the country.”

Ideas for Developing the New Generation in the Spirit of Sports and a Healthy Lifestyle

Touching this sensitive topic of the local and regional community, dr. Bogdan Florea gives us the example of ski camps in Austria where a culture is created and a foundation for the recruitment of future sports people:  “In February all school holidays are taken successively, by region. All kids are expected to participate with classmates and teachers in a ski camp. The accommodation is modest and provided by locals with partial state support ( and a co-payment from the parents). Alongside the great experience on the slope and the wonderful evenings with the colleagues, the health benefits are not to be contested: increased immunity, developed bone-muscle system, stronger respiratory and vascular system, stable psyche. Moreso, I think that among the 400.000 children, about 400 may have great talent, and from these last at least 4 may become champions. With a large recruitment base, you can get the chance to have results later in time!

New generations must definitely be directed towards sports for at least two reasons: it is very healthy and it develops a nice body!”

dr. Bogdan Florea Message For Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2019 Runners

“Life is not measured only in the years and things we buy, but also in the good we do to others. The opposite of love is not hate, is ignorance. Most of us we are so privileged: we live in a great city, we are healthy and well educated. To run at Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon for a social cause – no matter what it may be – is a simple but valuable gesture! Let others be indifferent; put on your running shoes and let’s run on April 14!”

Thank you dr. Bogdan Florea for the spark of optimism and energy you bring each time. You are an example for the local community and not only! We invite as many people as possible to respond to the invitation of supporting the social cause TELEMEDICINE IN EPILEPSY and to really enjoy the privilege of running, even at a moderate pace during the Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2019!


Autor: Diana Ciorba