Cristian Lazăr: Running, A Meeting With My Inner Self.

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The 8th edition of the Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca International Marathon brings forth all those who constantly overcome their own limits through personal effort, dedication and training. It is about those living legends who literally walk among us, motivate us and encourage by their own example! Today we unveil Cristian Lazăr’s personal story.

A versatile long distance runner, attending both urban and mountain running competitions, Cristian Lazăr got the running “virus” in 2011, at the BT Popular Race held during the Cluj-Napoca International Marathon event. Having a strong career in IT, Cristian discovered in running “the activity that reconnected me with physical reality, in a world more and more dominated by the virtual one, the possibility to practice sports anywhere, anytime, without partner, terrain, equipment or weather constraints.“ To these, Cristian adds a detail that has totally impressed us: in the same time, it is the activity that gives me the opportunity to meet my inner self in a world in which we get to live others’ lives, without even being aware of it “.

Maybe many of us who run for the sheer pleasure of it have passed through the stages described by Cristian Lazăr with astonishing precision and clarity, yet we did not know to express ourselves. Our Runners Club colleague from Cluj-Napoca has already used us with his pragmatic, lucid and well-grounded perspective: “During trainings or during races I have discovered and rediscovered places (cities, villages, mountains, forests, hills) that otherwise would have remained unknown to me. Places that otherwise would have requested preparation, logistics, transportation, have suddenly become accessible while running. Trekking routes that I used to make during several days with a heavy backpack on my shoulders I can now enjoy while running, only with a water bottle and a few power gels during one day or a few hours. “

The human side of the contests and the trainings for long distance runs is a major self motivating factor: “During group trainings and at the races I have discovered wonderful people, of all ages; thus running is the link that builds friendships and solidarity that transcend the aggressive competition.“- states Cristian.

Having run his first half marathon in 2012 in Cluj and his first marathon at Piatra Craiului race, since 2013, Cristian Lazăr runs each Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca International Marathon. “It was love at first sight and with each edition I have definitely learned something new. I am not a top runner, but somewhere in the middle of the ranks. I got my best result in 2014, when I made the most consistent training: 3h27min.“ – comments Cristian with modesty, but we congratulate him for the determination to run all his annual competitions.

We are glad that at his age, 45 years old, Cristian Lazăr stopped counting the years and runs them instead! In both a fun and a serious way, Cristian, who has decided to actually run the equivalent of his age at each birthday, brings lyrical flavor with his message to the professional and amateur runners in our community:

I run to reach my age.

I run to escape my age.

I run to age enough.

I run along with every year.

I run.”

Thank you Cristian for inspiring us and for making Runners Club such a great family, that luckily gets bigger and bigger year by year! Fingers crossed and see you at the Start!


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