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On SUNDAY, April 14:00, 9:00 a.m. !

On Sunday April 14 2019, Cluj-Napoca will see the start of the 9th edition of Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon, one of the most vibrant running events in Europe! The international AIMS certified competition and ran by Runners Club, with title partner the aviation company Wizz Air, and the support of the local Council and Municipality of Cluj-Napoca, welcomes at the start line more than 7000 runners from more than 37 countries! 

Legends among us: Running stories from our community. 

Our GROW YOUR WINGS! BE A LEGEND IN TRANSYLVANIA! Campaign continues in 2019 too: share your story from the training sessions and from the races using the official hashtags: #growyourwings #bealegendintransylvania #clujmarathon #maratoncluj 

We celebrate sports with our “Sunday without cars” initiative. 

In a sporty manner, Cluj-Napoca municipality promotes on the 14th of April the “Sunday without cars in Cluj-Napoca” initiative: let your cars at home and lets celebrate sports and running along the marathon and half-marathon course! 

For the runners safety and the good event deployment, traffic will be closed on Sunday, April 2019, starting with 05:00 a.m, on the tangential streets with the marathon, half marathon and marathon relay courses. 

The friendly atmosphere that is unique to our event will be assured by the 13 music and sound points provided by Voltaj Academy, The Beat, Mix Mobile DJ. 

Races in the most picturesque areas of Cluj-Napoca

The 9th edition of Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon carries runners along the picturesque historical center and its green areas on Sunday, 14.04.2019:  Wizz Air marathon (42.2 km), Hervis  half-marathon (21.1 km), Garmin cross (10 km) and Mega Image cross (5 km), Zuzu marathon relay (4 x 10.5 km)

The kids race takes place on Saturday, April 13th  on Cuj Arena, in order to live the emotions of the first running races with parents and families!

With special thanks to our title partner: Wizz Air, main sponsors: Hervis, Garmin, Zuzu, Mega Image, sponsors Vivo, Regina Maria, Vaxcium Sport, Banca Transilvania, hydration partner: Isostar, partners Nutribon, Hutton Pasta, Carpatina, Asociatia de Podiatrie, Cerbona, Sports Festival, UBB, Cluj Arena, Why Not, Vitamin Well, Happi and media partners KissFM, Zile și Nopți, Kronika, Live Stream the organising team Runners Club welcomes you on Sunday, April 14th , on CLUJ ARENA stadium at the START, at 09:00 and at the Awards Ceremony at 13:00.

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The race course: marathon, half, marathon relay 

Start: Cluj Arena – Splaiul Independentei – str Uzinei electrice – Aleea Stadion – str G.Cosbuc – str Motilor – str Gh.Sincai – str Napoca – str. Universitatii – str M. Kogalniceanu – str. Baba Novac – str. I.C. Bratianu – str Universitatii – bd Eroilor- str Baba Novac – str. I. Maniu – Piata Unirii – str Napoca – str Gh Sincai – str Motilor – str Cosbuc – str Cardinal I.Hosu – str E. Isac – str Memorandumului- str 21 Decembrie – intoarcere la Prefectura – str 21 Decembrie – str Regele Ferdinand – str G. Baritiu- str. Cardinal I. Hosu – str G. Cosbuc – Parc Central – intoarcere –  str G Cosbuc – Splaiul Independentei – intoarcere la Opera Maghiara – Splaiul Independentei – Pod Napoca- str 1 Decembrie 1918- intoarcere- str 1 Decembrie 1918 – Pod Garibaldi – Splaiul Independentei – Parcul Iuliu Hatieganu – Splaiul Independentei – Pod Garibaldi – str 1 Decembrie – Pod Napoca – Splaiul Independentei – Cluj Arena . Finish

For safety measures and proper event deployment, car traffic will be temporary closed on 14.04.2019, starting 5:00 a.m. on the following streets: 

        Str Splaiul Independentei (de la Pod Garibaldi pana la Opera Maghiara)

          Str Uzinei Electrice

          Aleea Stadion

          Str G. Cosbuc

          Str Motilor

          Str. Cardinal Iuliu Hossu

          Str V. Alecsandri

          Str. E. Isac

          Str Postei

          Str C. Daicoviciu

          Str Petroseni

          Str Gh. Sincai

          Str. Napoca

          Str I.Ratiu

          Bd-ul Eroilor

          Str Memorandumului

          Str 21 Decembrie pana la Prefectura

          Str G. Baritiu

          Pod  Napoca

          Str.  1 Decembrie 1918

          Intersectie str Garibaldi cu str 1 Decembrie 1918

          Str G. Muzicescu

          Str Cosevoi

          Str Iancu de Hunedoara

        Str. Macului

          Str. G .Garibaldi

          Sigismund Todita

          Str Tebei

          Str Ioan Ghica

          Str. Stadionului

          Str Nufarul

          Str. Sindicatelor

          Str Paul Chinezu

          Str. Virgil Fulicia

          Str. Octavian Petrovici

          Piata Muzeului

          Str. Memorandumului, 

          Str .Ion Ratiu

          Str. Samuil Micu

          Str Ioan Bob

          Piata Unirii

          Str. Universitatii

          Str M Kogalniceanu

          Str I C Bratianu

          Str iuliu Maniu

          Str FJ Curie

          Str. H.Oberth



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