Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca is a running event that reunites in an open competition professional and amateur runners, from Romania and abroad, in a major event that promotes among the public at large a healthy lifestyle, through the practice of running.

The event comprises various races and is designed for everybody, in line with the international standards: 42,195 km, 21,0975 km, 10,55 km, 5 km , kids’ race.

With a growing reputation and popularity year by year, the event is envisioned to become a brand of the city of Cluj-Napoca as well as a well known and attractive race in Europe.




5 organising cities
14 running competitions [ 2 charitable ]
20 group trainings
1000 volunteers
14.000 lei donations
15.700 participating runners

Runners Club Sports Club Association, the organiser of Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon represents a regional community of runners whose efforts and events serve active people of all ages, from beginner to professional runners.

Founded early in 2010 by a group of running friends from Cluj-Napoca as a not for profit organisation, with the aim of promoting running as a mass sport, the association has seen a significant growth during the last 7 years. Currently it is the largest organiser of running events in Transilvania.

Aside running events, an important part of the activity of the association is dedicated to promoting running as a lifestyle through different activities that are communicated online via www.runnersclub.ro, on socialising networks or directly at the association office. From the Runners Club team, running lovers can find out important information regarding training, nutrition, hydration, diet, etc.

Runners Club members organise periodically free training sessions open to all runners, where they share their passion for running.

Runners Club organises and is involved in charitable events, directing funds towards the charities it supports in its turn.

  • Starting 2014, 20% of the participation fee at Crosul Divelor (Divas’ Cross) is directed to the Association for Empathy and Solidarity „Delia Grădinaru”. From these funds medicines and medical equipment are being purchased for the children suffering from cronic renal insuficiency, that are enrolled in the association.
  • Starting 2017, Runners Club offers free logistic and organising support for the charitable event The Beard Run. This way, 100% of the participation fee was directed towards Beard Brothers Association campaign number 9: Keep the Blood Flowing. The campaign aims to gather 18.000 euro in order to reequip the Center for Blood Transfusions in Cluj-Napoca.

Do you like what we do? Do you want to organise a running event or to support a running event? For partnerships and sponsorships send us an e-mail at office@runnersclub.ro and we will answer as soon as possible. We thank you and we are eager to meet you!