More than 7000 finishers at the 8th edition of the international marathon in Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca, April 16, 2018

A total of 7911 runners were validated from over 8000 competitors registered at the races, and 7169 participated at Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2018, that took place on Sunday, April 15, in Cluj-Napoca European City of Sport 2018, Romania. The 8th edition of the event now holds a record number of participants according to the organizer, Runners Club, Romania.

Statistics and post-event information:

  • more than 8000 competitors registered
  • 7169 competitors at the start, out of which:
  • 909 female runners at technical, timed races
  • 1852 male runners at technical, timed races
  • 30 countries were represented: Algeria, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Japan, Kenya, UK, Morocco, Moldavia, Mauritius, New Caledonia, Poland, Rwanda, Serbia, Spain, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland , Saint Lucia, Hungary and Ukraine.
  • The eldest competitor/ male: Victor Ilie aged 66, representing Ro Club Maraton at the marathon race, time 4:12:07,50
  • The eldest competitor/ female: Rodica Prodan aged 68, representing CSM Zalau at the half marathon race, time2:19:51,3
  • 491 participants at marathon – Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon 2018
  • 1278 participants at half maraton – Hervis Half Marathon 2018
  • 992 participants at 10 K race – Garmin 10 K
  • 508 participants at marathon relay Vaxicum Sport
  • 3100 runners at the popular race, the 5km cross– Crosul BT
  • 800 participating children at Mega Image Kids” Race


Marathon OPEN


1 KEN Kiplagat Tuei Hosea M18-34 1 1 2:31:34,00

2 ROU Stefan-Daniel Lupu M18-34 2 2 2:34:40,00

3 UKR Serhii Popov M35-44 1 3 2:35:42,00

4 ROU Nicolae Balan M18-34 3 4 2:36:50,00

5 ROU Catalin Sorecau M18-34 4 5 2:49:30,90


1 HUN Tunde Szabo F18-34 2:51:48,30

2 ROU Nicoleta Ciortan F35-44 3:02:21,90

3 ROU Maria Magdalena Veliscu F18-34 3:04:23,20

4 SVK Ivana Butoracová F35-44 3:15:49,70

5 ROU Alina Luciana Moldovan F18-34 3:21:38,40

Half Marathon OPEN


1 2406 m KEN Benard Muinde Matheka M18-34 1:09:55,5

2 2516 m KEN Mark Kipchumba Rotich M18-34 1:10:23,5

3 1696 m ROU Daniel Scrob M35-44 1:14:21,0

4 1695 m ROU Adrian Duicu M18-34 1:19:28,3

5 1406 m ROU Chindris Mihail M18-34 1:19:58,0


1 KEN Yunes Moraa Onyancha F18-34 1:19:25,8

2 HUN Csilla Pap F18-34 1:24:58,3

3 ROU Ionela Viorica Dobrita F18-34 1:28:17,1

4 ROU Luminita Suditu F35-44 1:30:58,6

5 ROU Ibolya Torok F35-44 1:31:58,1

Approximately 10000 supporters were present on the laterals of the marathon and half marathon course and 600 volunteers supported the athletes during the 3 event days, Cluj-Napoca demonstrating again that it is a city that appreciated mass sport and is ready for hosting high profile events.

Under the message of the edition GROW YOUR WINGS! BE A LEGEND IN TRANSYLVANIA! I-the ambassadors of the edition started and competed at the races: Claudiu Gorcan, Tudor Sofron and Cristian Lazăr (maraton), Silvia Pop (marathon relay) and Laura Popescu (10 k cross).

We would like to thank the local community for the support in hosting the first “Sunday without cars in Cluj-Napoca” and for the active support of athletes in the international race. For a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, 13 entertainment posts out of which 4 with live music were organized by Bigtime Production and national artists: Jazz in the Park, /Form Space, Voltaj Academy , The Beat, Cercul Întreg, DJ MM Show, DJ Ahe & DJ SOCOL, Rock Academy si Armonia Music, DJ ALEX ONE, Școala de muzică Voltaj Academy, DJ LE MINION si Matei Cretiu, DJ Stephan, DJ DEX. Also a recreational area was created for competitors and supporters, with music and food caravans, contributing to the overall festival vibe of the event.

Images from the event are available on the official pages: Facebook and in the Media section of the website.

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