5 reasons to run 5 km at BT Cross

Running a 5k race like the BT Cross, together with thousands of other competitors, gives you a wonderful feeling! At Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon on April 9, the 5k BT Cross is accessible to everyone: to beginners who take the first steps in running, as well as to those who prefer short, but intense races. The BT Cross does not have a time limit at Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon and due to its distance it might seem like an easier race compared to the 42 k, 21 k or 10k races. However, it may be a challenge for anyone. Why? Because running short distances encourages you to develop a unique combination of endurance, speed and strength.

Whether you are a beginner, whether you are interested in an longer race but until April 9 you think that you do not have enought time to train, the BT Cross is the race for you! You can train for a 5k race even if you have a very busy schedule and moreso, the short running distance allows you to compete more often as it less strenuous than a long race.

At the 7th edition of Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon, Banca Transilvania is you main supporter since it continues to support the FREE 5k race that bears its name: the BT Cross

If you still wonder whether to compete at this race, read on the following 5 reasons we give you to sign up:

  1. It is a great START. Let’s say you are a busy person and can not allocate too much time for training. More so, a 42k or a 21k race is out of the question since you do not have enough time to start a training program. It’s ok, in only two months you can train enough so that you can successfully finish the 5k challenge.
  2. It is FAST. A 5 k race lasts little, most competitors finish it in 40-50 minutes. If you have runners in your family who race on the longer distances you will finish your race before them and you will be able to wait and cheer them on arrival.
  3. The ATMOSPHERE. Large running events, like Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon have a unique atmosphere. It is worth competing in such an event if only for the feeling you get at the START of the race on a big stadium.
  4. The MOTIVATION. Once you decide to compete at the BT Cross and you decide on a training program, it will be easier for you to go out running in a morning when normally you would just be lazily lying in bed, or during an evening, after work, when you would pasively relax on the couch. Training for a 5 k race is shorter and bring more satisfaction for this exact reason.
  5. It is good for your HEALTH. “We are what we repeatedly do; therefore, excellence is not a singular act, it is a habit” (Aristotle). Health in this case, is the result of an active, balanced lifestyle and of habits such as sports. Whether you run to stay in shape, whether you run to better your PB 🙂 on a short distance, competing at the 5k race will be a win for you.

So sign up today for the BT Cross and get ready for running! See you at the START in 2 months! SIGN UP HERE.