2018 Cash prizes

Spring brings good and long awaited news by the competitors! If you trained and grown your runners wings, your effort will be definitely rewarded! On April 15, we meet again in Cluj-Napoca where you will find the energizing atmosphere, entertainment on the course and a race kit full of surprises. It is worth to register at any of the races, just to be a part of one of the most appreciated road running competitions in Romania and to enjoy the friendly atmosphere from Cluj!

A novelty of the edition are the prizes offered to the first 3 winners at age groups, marathon and half marathon: 35-44, 45 – 54 , 55-64 and 65+, compared to last year when we offered prizes only to those occupying the 1st place. We give you an extra motivation to train your runner wings!

Of course, we haven’t forgotten about the first 3 winners of the 10k race, or the marathon relay female, male or mixed teams! And, the cherry on top, the prizes at the OPEN categories that will reward the first 5 competitors that make the best times at marathon and half marathon races. In total, at this edition, we bring you cash prizes worth 52.800 lei.

Interested in numbers? Take a peak below. That’s all for now from Runners Club, at the beginning of spring! This is our March trinket to you, we hope you enjoy the news and we joyfully await you in Cluj-Napoca! See you on the stadium!


Marathon   Halfmarathon   10 km   Relay
I 3000 2000 300 1200
II 2500 1500 250 1000
III 2000 1000 200 800
IV 1500 750
V 1000 500
Age groups MARATHON    
35-44 45-54 55-64 65
I 300 300 300 300
II 250 250 250 250
III 200 200 200 200
Age groups HALFMARATHON    
35-44 45-54 55-64 65
I 250 250 250 250
II 200 200 200 200
III 150 150 150 150

PLEASE NOTE: final adjustments will be made to the results in 2 weeks time, after the end of the races, after solving any contestations / acts of God that may happen. Cash prizes will be paid exclusively through bank transfer in the account of the winner, until May 15, 2018 from the club’s account.