Perskindol® Activ gel for your muscles and joints!

Perskindol® Activ gel is a product with a unique formula, double action and immediate effect. And all participants at one of the competitive races – marathon, half marathon, 10k cross or marathon relays – will find it in their race kits.

The gel contains essential oils from 7 plants and menthol, mixed in a unique formula. The gel stimulates the blood flow and shortly after using it, a cooling, pain-alleviating effect develops thanks to the menthol. In addition, the essential oils promote local blood circulation that is associated with a pleasant heat sensation. It is suitable for the targeted local treatment of muscle and joint complaints in sports, the office and everyday life.

Perskindol® Activ gel acts to alleviate pain and promote the healing process in cases of muscle cramps, pain during movement, tension, neck pain, back pain, lumbago, sciatica, tennis elbow, rheumatic pain, strains, bruises and sprains. Soothing before and after sports, for example, promotes blood circulation during the warm-up, loosens and warms the muscles, prevents muscle ache and cramps, for relaxation and recovery after sports, alleviates pain in cases of muscle ache and cramps.