Traveling în Cluj

1. ‘Alexandru Borza’ Botanical Garden

It is one of the most beautiful and complex botanical gardens in Europe. Established in 1872, it was reorganized in 1920 by Professor Alexandru Borza. National museum with an area of 14 ha, the sight seeing includes: the Roman Garden, the Japanese Garden,the greenhouses complex for equatorial and tropical plants, the botanical museum and the University herbarium.

2. Transylvania Ethnographic Museum

Its patrimony consits of over 92,000 artefacts of folklore (works and customs,textiles, national suits, habitation and nutrion). Since 2009 the museum hosts a permanent tactile exhibition for people with eyesight disabilities.

3. Banffy Palace

It is the most representative Baroque establishment from Transylvania, built between 1774 and 1785 by the German arhitect Johann Blaumann. The Art Museum comes second in Romania regarding the patrimony of Romanian art. The museum hosts works of plastic and applied arts, medieval, modern and contemporary collections, Transylvanian icons, old religious items.

4. Matei Corvin House

The house where Matei Corvin was born (1443) – the most erudite and powerful Hungarian king (1458-1490) – is an historical and architectural monument of the fifteenth century. Inside you can find a series of elements belonging to the gothic style. Today, this is where the University of Arts and Design pursues its activities.

5. ‘Babes-Bolyai’ University

The Babes-Bolyai University is the most prestigious academic institution in Transylvania, making Cluj-Napoca the main university center of Transylvania. The building was erected by the architect Carol Meixner between 1893-1903. The university currently encompasses 21 faculties.

6. ‘Lucian Blaga’ National Theater

This patrimony building was build between 1904-1906, being the work of the renowned Austrian architects Helmer and Fellner. The hall was designed in neo-baroque style. The National Theater is the most important institution of its kind in Transylvania and one of the most prestigious in Romania.