How to get to Cluj

The city of Cluj-Napoca is situated in the heart of Transylvania. There is direct access to the city by car or by train, ensuring its connectivity with the main Romanian cities and the regional centers.

The Cluj International Airport

The airport is located on the European driveway E 576, 10 kilometers east of the city commercial center and 12 kilometers from the C.F.R railway. Low-cost flights are accessible from more and more cities of Europe. External flights to Cluj-Napoca (with Tarom and Wizz Air) are available from the following countries (cities):

Wizz Air:

Austria (Vienna)

Cipru (Larnaca)

Cyprus (Larnaca)

Italy (Treviso, Bergamo, Torino, Bologna, Milano, Pisa, Rome, Venice)

Germany (Frankfurt, Munich)

Spain (Alicante, Barcelona, Madrid, Palma de Mallorca, Valencia, Zaragoza).

National and European driveways:

Cluj-Napoca is traversed by the European driveway E 60 (Bucharest-Oradea-Budapest-Wien).

From Oradea, there is direct access on E 60 (154 km)

From Bucharest, there are two possibilities:

Bucharest – Ramnicu Valcea – Sibiu – Alba-Iulia – Cluj-Napoca on E 81

Bucharest – Brasov – Tg. Mures – Turda – Cluj-Napoca, on E 60 / E 81

From Timisoara, you can choose one of the following routes:

Timisoara – Oradea – Cluj-Napoca, on E 671 / E 60 (321 km)

Timisoara – Deva – Alba-Iulia – Turda – Cluj-Napoca, on E 70 / E 68 / E 60 (340 km)


Cluj-Napoca has direct railway connections with every major city in Romania. There are also two international trains, on the route Cluj-Napoca – Budapest (Corona and Ady Endre). The central train station ensures train transportation (such as Intercity) to Bucharest and many other Romanian cities.