1.1. These rules apply to all participants at “Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon”

1.2. The organiser of the event is “Runners Club” Sports Club Association

1.3. The races of “Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon” are open to all those who wish to join, as long as they respect the conditions of eligibility required by the organiser.

1.4. Registration of participants can be done via the sign up form available on www.maraton-cluj.ro

1.5 By filling in the online registration form and checking all the required fileds, the participants acknowledge that:

– they accept and understand the terms and conditions of participation at “Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon” as well as the race rules

– agree that their image or other public information such as results and time tables can be used in promotional items (posters, flyers, movies, online visuals, interviews) free of charge and uncensored.

1.6. The organiser reserves the right to refuse the registration and the participation at the races, to any participant, based on objective reasons.

1.7. The races will take place on April 15, 2018.

1.8. Registrations at the event can be done until March 31st 2018; last registrations will be verified and approved in the following time frame: TBA. After this date all unpaid registrations will be cancelled.

1.9. The course is described in the dedicated page on www.maraton-cluj.ro website.



2.1. Participation at Wizz Air Cluj-Napoca Marathon will be done on own responsibility, fully aware of personal abilities and capabilities for participating at the event, of personal mental and physical state.

2.2. Each and every participant is responsible for their own safety. The organisers, partners, sponsors, volunteers and staff are now responsible for any kind of injure, decease or any kind of damage that can arise during the event or as a consequence of the event.

2.3. It is recommended that all participants posses an insurance valid in case of accidents and sport competitions.

2.4. Participants must listen to and respect the indications and requests of the organiser and the staff involved in organising the event.

2.5. The Organiser can refuse to allow the start or the continuation of a race to any participant in a state of drunknness or under the influence of hallucinating substances, to any participant showing physical or mental exhaustion.



3.1. The participation fee can be paid online or at the bank cash desk.

3.2. Online registrations are opened at the date and time announced by the organiser on the event website, www.maraton-cluj.ro

3.3. The participation fees are:


until Sept. 31,2017 21€17€ 14€56€freefree
Oct1,2017 – Nov 30,2017 26€ 21€ 17€ 67€freefree
Dec1,2017 – Jan31,2018 32€ 27€ 20€80€free free
Feb1,2018 – Mar 31,2018 37€ 32€ 24€ 93€freefree

3.4. PLEASE NOTE! Not paying the participation fee in 5 working days after sign up, leads to the cancellation of the registration. After cancellation, a new registration can be done.

3.5. In case of no show at the start, abandonment or withdrawal from the race due to any reason, the participation fee will not be refunded.

3.6. In case of cancellation of the races due to an act of God or for reasons that do not depend on the organiser, the participation fee will not be refunded. The organiser will not support in any way the adjacent costs (transportation, accomodation, meals) of the participants.

Please note! The number of participants is limited to 6120 runners (500 at the marathon race, 1300 at the half marathon race, 150 teams at the marathon relay, 1000 at the 10.55 K cross, 2000 at the 5K cross and 800 at Kids’ Race). When all places are booked, the registrations will be closed. Only paid registrations are taken into account. If this limit is reached before March 31st 2018, online registrations will be closed and paying the registration fee at the Marathon Expo will not be possible for runners registered at the races having not paid their fee already.

3.7. Participation fee refund:

The participation fee can be refunded until January 31st 2018 (except for bank comissions). After this date, the tax will not be refunded anymore.

For transfer of the participation fee to another person a fee of 25 lei (approx 5 euro) will be paid.

For transfer between races, a fee of 25 lei (aprox 5 euro) will be paid.

After March 1st, 2018 no race swaps will be possible.



4.1. The race kit includes the official T-shirt, race number and race cip.



5.1. Participants can register at the following races:

  • marathon – 42,175 km
  • half marathon – 21,0975 km
  • cross 10,55km
  • maraton relay – 4×10.55km
  • popular cross – 5 km
  • kids’ race – years old: 4-6, 7-8, 9-10 and 11-13

5.2. Awards will be given for all races: marathon, half marathon, marathon relay and 10 K cross (considered technical races) as well as at the 5 K cross and kids’ race (considered non technical races)

Overall winners will be awarded by GUN TIME  and age groups winners will be awarded on NET TIME (calculated from the moment you pass through the start gate until you finish the race).

Clasamentul OPEN se va face pe timpul brut iar clasamentul pe categorii de vârstă se va face pe timpul net.

5.3. Prizes will be offered to the first 5 competitors (best times, female & male) at the marathon and half marathon races, to the first 3 teams (female, male, mixed) at the marathon relay race, to the first 3 competitors (best times, female & male) at the 10K cross, the 5 K cross and the first 3 competitors (best times, female & male) at all age groups at kids’ race.

5.4. Prizes will be offered also to the first 3 winners of an age group: 35-44, 45-54, 55-64, + 65 (best times, female & male) at the marathon and half marathon races.

5.5. The prizes of the edition will be announced on the website www.maraton-cluj.ro

5.6. All the participants crossing the finish line at the marathon, half marathon, marathon relay, 10 K, 5 K , and kids’ races will be awarded a medal.

5.7. The value of prizes will be announced in the future.

5.8. PLEASE NOTE: final adjustments will be made to the results in 2 weeks time, after the end of the races, after solving any contestations / acts of God that may happen.

Financial prizes will be paid exclusively via bank transfer, in the bank account of the winner from Runners Club bank account, until May 15, 2018, the latest. This time will be used to solve any contestations that may arise.



6.1. BIB number (race number)

The race number must be attached on the front of the T-shirt and must be visible during all the event. In case of abandonment, the number must be given to the control post where withdrawal from the race is announced.

6.2. Race cip

The race cip is on the race number (sticked on the number) and is pined on the race T-shirt, in front, preferably on the abdominal area, so that it is visible. It must not be covered by any other equipment. Competitors at the marathon relay will hand over the cip to the next team member, at every relay swap.

6.3 The start

The start will be given at the time and date announced by the organiser on the competition website. The map of the start areas will be published also on the competition website.

6.4. Withdrawal from the race / Abandonment

a) Withdrawal from the race for any other reason than of accident can only be done at control posts on the course or in the start/finish line. The competitor who can not or does not wish to continue the race is required to go until the closest control post or at the start/finish point, where the race number will be handed in and the competitor will be considered withdrawn from the race.

b) Slower competitors are obliged to pay attention in order to make way for competitors behind them who can and wish to pass them.



7.1. It is strictly forbidden to throw any waste on the course, except in places especially created for this or at check points.

7.2. Those who do not respect this rule will be disqualified.



8.1. The following equipment is compulsory for all participants at the start: running shoes, sport clothes (pants/skirt/shorts/T-shirt), competition race (offered by the organisers).



9.1. Any complaints or reclamations related to results or the race will be written and handed out to the competition committee within one hour from the official closing of the race.



10.1. The organiser can change the course anytime, can cancell or stop the competition if it can not take place safely.

10.2. Any decision will be taken by the race committee or by the race director.

10.3. The organiser reserves the right to bring changes to the information published on the website, to the rules or the schedule, etc. These changes will be announced at least 7 days before the event, in the case of information published on the event website, or the latest on BIB (race number ) pick up days regarding information related to the schedule of the races.

10.4. I agree that Runners Club is entitled to collect and use my personal information (name, surname, e-mail) on Romanian territory, directly or through its representatives and /or contractual partners in order to participate at promotional and informational campaigns ran by Runners Club, aiming to promote events organised or co-organised by Runners Club.